Hiking Equipment Rentals

Kilimanjaro Angels features an equipment collection unmatched on Mt. Kilimanjaro. In fact, Kilimanjaro Angels operated as an equipment rental shop for 12 years before offering their own tours. Our very comprehensive stock list leaves nothing that you could possibly need. Most equipment is of numerous brands and models. Some of the models represented include Patagonia, North Face, Mountian Hardwear, Columbia, Vaude, Marmot and many others. The amount of equipment in our shop is sufficient enough that no advance reservations are required.

We accept payment in cash or credit/debit card (with added bank fee). For rentals made to clients of other tour companies we request a form of collareral to hold while you have the equipment (drivers license for example). For Kilimanjaro Angels clients we will go through an equipment check with you before your climb/safari and any rental items needed can be obtained at that time. Kilimanjaro Angels clients receive a 30% discount from the prices listed below.

If you are climbing or going on safari through Kilimanjaro Angels, you will not need all the items listed below since we provide the tents, sleeping mats, oxygen cylinders, oxmeter as standard equipment. For Kilimanjaro Angels climbs your suggested packing list can be found as an article on the right hand side of this page as an article found further below on this page. If you are traveling through another tour operator check with them to see what they provide.

Rental List

All prices listed in USD, prices are inclusive of all tax

  • Thermal Underwear $10 per trip
  • Thermal Tops $10 per trip
  • Thermal T-Shirt $10 per trip
  • Fleece $10 per trip
  • Fleece Jacket (Thick) $10 per trip
  • Fleece Trousers $10 per trip
  • Down Jackets $25 per trip
  • Waterproof Trousers (Windbreak) $20 per trip
  • Summit Pants (Ski Pants) $25 per trip
  • Waterproof Jacket $15 per trip
  • Gaiters $15 per trip
  • Gloves $10 per trip
  • Glove Liners $5 per trip
  • Scarf $5 per trip
  • Warm Hat $5 per trip
  • Walking Poles (pair) $20 per trip
  • Sleeping Bag $40 per trip
  • Sleeping Bag Liner $10 per trip
  • Head Torch $15 per trip
  • Water Bottle 3ltrs $5 per trip
  • Hiking Boots $40 per trip
  • Socks $3 per trip
  • Crampons $30 per trip
  • Day Pack $35 per trip
  • Rucksack 70Ltr $70 per trip
  • Camping Bed $30 per trip
  • Balaclava $10 per trip
  • Poncho $15 per trip
  • Sunglasses $20 per trip
  • Sun hat $5 per trip
  • Walking T-Shirt $10 per trip
  • Walking Trousers $10 per trip
  • Duffel Bag (waterproof 85L) $30 per trip
  • Plastic Bin Liners $1 to buy
  • Rucksack Cover $10 per trip
  • Bandana $2 per trip
  • Oxymeter $50 per trip
  • Chair $20 per trip
  • Table $30 per trip
  • Camelback Water Bag $15 per trip
  • Day Pack Cover $5 per trip
  • Binoculars $30 per trip
  • Neck Warmer $5 per trip
  • Pillow $10 per trip
  • Thermal Rest Mat $40 per trip
  • Mountain Tent (2 person) $10 per day
  • Safari Tent (2 person) $20 per day
  • Mess Tent $30 per day
  • Oxygen $20 per day